So I must say that I’m a big fan of reality TV. I guess, it’s just the fact that people will actually get out there and make an idiot out of themselves just for a few minutes of fame…or the fact that couples and families get on there to “share their lives” with the world, but I’m not sure how much I completely believe that.  I mean, how natural can you act with cameras following you around 24/7 watching your ever move?  When people are critisizing everything you’re doing? When you’re making the front page of every magazine and tabloid?  I just don’t see it.  I know this is a weird post but after so many reality couples have gone through divorce I decided to share my thoughts on this subject…from Nick and Jessica to Carmen Electra and David Navaro to Jon and Kate….we’ve all seen the rise and fall of these celebrity couples now lets look back for reflection purposes on why it’s probably not the best idea to be a married couple and put your lives on reality TV.

It all started with one of my favorite couples…Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson, back in my days of having a slight obsession with boy bands. I followed Nick and Jessica’s relationship even before the show ever was thought of, before they ever married, when they first really came into the spot light as a couple.  Jessica was a good Christian girl, Nick was a decent guy.  She waited for marriage…yes I do actually believe she did.  They were a great couple, not only were they both perfect in the looks department but they really treated each other well.  Then The Newlyweds aired and things started going down hill fast.  The fact that they loved each other so much didn’t stand up against the cameras, the constant criticism, and lets not forget the fact that they didn’t act like themselves.  We all know that if cameras were to follow us around 24/7 it would make for one boring show!  You can’t tell me when camera’s are around people don’t act differently…even famous people who have cameras around them all day.  Jessica acting like a complete idiot, “Tuna’s not chicken? But it says chicken of the sea…” I mean, really!  We know she isn’t an idiot…but the more this went on the worse their relationship got until they finally split and got a divorce. Oh and don’t let me forget to mention Jessica’s ever-changing style to please the cameras, going from a more modest sexy style to a BAM, check out my boobs more risqué style.  *head desk* I miss the Jessica who could be sexy and beautiful by being herself and not pleasing the rest of the world!

Then lets not forget Ms. Carmen Electra and Mr. David Navarro on their show Till Death Do Us Part: Carmen & Dave…well death didn’t part these two but I do believe that reality TV had something to do with it.  On the show they planned their wedding and got married.  I think that these two were another perfect pairing.  Yes, he’s a rocker and yes, she’s this hot and sexy model…but when you saw their chemistry it was just there.  They worked out perfectly and they’d been together for a few years before taking that marriage step.  The problem is, the first year can be one of the hardest for a married couple and add a reality TV show on top of that and you’ve got a Nick and Jessica all over again!  Yep, I was a victim of watching this show too…I couldn’t help it, it was on MTV and that’s all I use to watch in high school.  They were strange, I couldn’t figure out everything they did, but I couldn’t help but really want them to last…yet they didn’t. 😦

As much as I love Nick and Jessica…I really had a soft spot for Travis Barker and his wife Shannon Moakler.  Meet the Barkers was another MTV reality show that people just couldn’t help falling in love with.  Travis Barker is the drummer from Blink-182 and Shannon Moakler is a former Miss. USA. Together the two have two children and Shannon has a daughter from a previous relationship.  So on the show you see her daughter and their son and then later on she announced that she was pregnant, in a really sweet way, on the show.  I loved watching how much affection they held for each other and how they truly did care for one another…but again…it was doomed from the beginning because of what has happened with past relationships.  After Nick and Jessica and then Carmen and David I just knew that by them doing this reality TV show it was probably not going to last…and unfortunately it didn’t.  They were married for just under 4 years when they got their divorce. 😦

Then we have Hulk Hogan and Linda Hogan who had a very public and messy divorce.  But lets step back…where did it all start??? Oh yeah, Hogan Knows Best, their family reality show.  We had Hulk Hogan, Linda, and then their two children.  This was about my stopping point. I did not get into their reality show, I just knew it was going to end bad. So I’d see an episode every once in a while if it was the only thing on, but other than that I avoided it.  I know that there was talk about how horrible the couple was getting…the magazines and tabloids just ate up all the exposure that the Hogan’s put out there through their TV show.  The kids started taking sides, Linda started acting up and Hulk Hogan was getting depressed…it was UGLY! They were married for 25 YEARS! I just couldn’t believe how bad it got.  I think all couples will go through problems, they’ll hit rough patches, but those times are meant to stay private and in the family…when it’s blasted all over the Nation it’s almost impossible for the couple to ever work through them and actually come out stronger and happier on the other side and I think that’s exactly what happened with this couple!

The last couple I’m going to talk about is Jon and Kate Gosselin from Jon and Kate Plus 8.  We all know that Jon messed up on this one…he cheated on his wife while she was at home watching their 8 kids!  However, I think a big problem was their show.  I know that it helps them out a lot with their kids and being able to provide them with the best future. The money they get is beneficial for them.  We can all argue till we are blue in the face on whether we think it is right that they have their kids on TV or not, but that is not what I’m here to talk about, I’m here to talk about a couple who have broken up because of being on reality TV.  I think that a lot of their issues stemmed from being in the public eye and being criticized on a regular basis. They obviously loved each other before they started the TV series, they went through a lot of crap in order to get pregnant and for them they ended up with 7 kids instead of 1. No one goes through that kind of stuff if they aren’t with someone they truly love, right?! But I think with all of the publicity they received for having their kids on TV it started causing a rift in their marriage.  Now I know Kate is very OCD and I know that she would get irritated with Jon when he wasn’t keeping things cleaned up after the kids…but when you have your life stuck out their for everyone to watch you’re of course going to get to a point where you want everything perfect and that is what happened with Kate.  She wanted to prove to everyone that she’s a good mother, that she takes care of her family and nothing is too big for her to deal with…well all of that stress she put on herself and her husband ended up causing a lot of problems.  Then Jon did the crappy thing to many guys do and that was run to another woman for comfort, and he did it right in front of the paparazzi who blasted it in all the magazines and tabloids. Then bam, they are going through a divorce. 😦  Yep, another couple who went under the water and never surfaced because of being on a reality TV show.

There you have it, 5 couples who all went down the drain…5 couples I think could have stayed together if they wouldn’t have put themselves out there for everyone to pick apart and put their two cents in.  I feel bad for them but then I don’t…I mean, they chose to put themselves out there…they should have known what they were getting into, but I’m sure they were all thinking the same thing and that was that they were completely happy and they wanted to share their love and happiness with the world.  Well that kinda back fired.

I guess this is kinda a pointless post but I was really pondering all of this the other day and had to share…if you made it this far, THANKS FOR STICKING THROUGH MY RANDOM THOUGHTS!!!!!!! 😀 It’s much appreciated!

Comments on: "Randomness: Reality Shows Ruin Relationships" (6)

  1. I think it’s a great post!! I do believe it makes it way harder. It’s already hard enough being famous, but then having your life video taped for everyone to see, that has got to up the stress way more. Do I think these couples would have worked out if it weren’t for TV, not necessarily, but I do think that their shows probably made them fall apart faster.

    • So glad I’m not the only one who feels that way. I just can’t understand why couples think that it’s such a great idea to have people following them 24/7 with cameras. *head desk* it’s just not a good idea in general! I saw previews for a couple other shows coming out with celebrity couples and I just couldn’t believe celebrities are still doing it after so many others marriages have failed with it.

  2. Funny but very random! What made you think of this?

    • LOL. I litterally have thought this for years Ally! I didn’t have anything to post on that day so I just decided to go for it and share my thoughts with all of you…I figured some of my readers would get a good laugh out of it. 😛

  3. Oh yes the reality tv show curse. Always when I see a new couple getting a show I get that sense of doom in my head

    • ME TOO! LOL. I actually saw some previews for a few more shows that are supposed to follow the lives of some celebrity couples and I thought it was a funny coincidence after I had posted this! *head desk* People just aren’t always the smartest when it comes to getting a little fame and being on live TV for all to see…hopefully the curse of reality TV won’t do the same things to them!

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