144 Pages
Paperback; $4.99
Kindle; $3.99
Published: November 17, 2016
2 our of 5 stars

Book Description:

Caleb Rooney knows how to do two things: run a food truck and solve a murder. When people suddenly start dying of foodborne illnesses, the stakes are higher than ever…

My Thoughts:

This was my first taste of James Patterson and I do believe I’d give him a try again. For the most part, the mystery and story was very good. You have Caleb Rooney, who is a co-owner of Killer Chef a popular food truck down in the French Quarter of New Orleans. He also happens to be a detective for the city.  As the description states, people in his area are starting to die of a foodborne illness. One the second murder happens, they know that this can’t be an isolated incident and have to start unraveling the mystery of why and how these killings are taking place.

I enjoyed the background of New Orleans, the food business incorporated throughout and the personalities that came through on both our main character, Caleb, and his ex-wife Marlene. Since I’ve been to New Orleans, and the French Quarter in particular, three times in my life…and NOT for Mardi Gras. It was very easy for me to visually see the surroundings and that really added to my enjoyment of the setting.  However, the one thing that I didn’t like really took me from a 3-4 star rating down to a 2 star.

The thing that turned me off was the feeling of a forced relationship between Caleb and one of the other characters. This didn’t end as a budding relationship it went noise dive into making them “fall in love” and have their relationship play such a huge part in the mystery. This is a short story, don’t have people fall in love in the last few pages (literally!!!)…it doesn’t make sense and this could have easily been written with the same ending WITHOUT them even having a relationship…crazy people do make up crazy senarios, no matter how untrue they might be. I mean at the end it says, “Caleb smiles broadly at his two favorite women.” How the heck did she become a favorite woman?? Anyways, this is a short book so I can’t say too much!


If you’re a fan of James Patterson, enjoy a good mystery, have a warm heart when you think about food and want a quick read to give you a break from a couple of longer reads…I’d suggest checking this book out. I’m looking forward to reading more BookShots in the future and checking out a full length novel from James Patterson in the future.

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