85 Pages
Received from Netgalley for an honest review
Kindle Only; $0.99
Published: February 1, 2017
Harlequin Special Releases
Tough Justice Countdown Part 1 of 8
5 out of 5 Stars

Book Description:

Tick. Tock. BOOM.

FBI Special Agent Lara Grant had thought that she’d put her past behind her—finally—with her last case. But now a serial bomber is targeting Manhattan’s elite power players, offering them a choice between saving hundreds of lives or seeing their darkest secrets exposed. Lara is working with the Crisis Management Unit to stop the bomber, but how will she react when she’s the one who has to choose between truth…or death? 

My Thoughts:

Something I discovered after starting this book was that there was a 8 part mini-series that happened right before this one. It was based on the “put her past behind her” portion of the description above.  I’m very intrigued to read about it since you get glimpses into her past throughout this book, but I did not feel that I was missing something or lost by not having read that past mini-series.

The sensitive topic of bombings in NYC is very present in this book, and I’m guessing the full series, since chapter one opens right after a bomb has been detonated. You find out shortly after that this is the 2nd bombing that has occurred in a 3 week time frame. The Crisis Management Unit (CMU) of the FBI is working diligently to discover how these bombings are connected and who is behind them.

I enjoyed meeting the various members of the CMU throughout this first installment and am curious to see how they all play into the case moving forward.  I really enjoyed following Lara throughout this journey and while she’s not someone I would probably hangout with since she’s so closed off, she is still a character that you can stand behind.

This is a great mystery and if you enjoy true crime like I do, you’ll really appreciate the writing of the work and efforts that are in play throughout an investigation and how things don’t just easily fall into place like they are depicted in other books and movies.

The ending left you with a GREAT cliff hanger…but the good news is that the 2nd has already been released and you can start reading it immediately after.


91 Pages
Kindle; $0.99
Published: February 1, 2017
Harlequin Special Releases
5 out of 5 Stars

Book Description:

Witness to a Murder?
The Crisis Management Unit has a confession–and a dead suspect. Could this mean the end of the bombing spree that’s terrorized New York? Special Agent Lara Grant’s instincts tell her that the danger has only just begun. And sure enough, the carnage continues as the bomber eludes them at every turn. Lara is just beginning to investigate a man taking selfies at each of the bomb sites when, suddenly, another CMU agent becomes a target…

My Thoughts:

As mentioned above, the last book left off at a major cliff hanger and one that really surprised me. This installment picks right up where that one left off and didn’t include any prologue this time.

The CMU is still investigating the bombings that have occurred in the first part and with new evidence they are trying to make heads or tails of what they’ve discovered. They know the clock might be ticking for another bombing to occur, but they also aren’t sure since their suspect may already be dead.

On top of everything that’s happening with this investigation, Lara has a personal investigation she’s been exploring since part 1. I’m not going to give details since I don’t want to spoil this, but something turns up in this investigation as well and I’m fully committed to “standing by her side” as she continues pushing forward no matter how hard it may seem.

This was another installment that I did NOT want to put down…I was reading it every chance I got! As layer continue to get pulled back you feel like they are getting closer and closer, but there is one major clue that we know about since prologue part 1 that the CMU team has not found yet….and it is a bit distracting.  You want to shake the team and tell them what you know.  LOL.

Part 2 did just the same as part 1, a huge build up at the end where you know something is going to happen but you just aren’t sure what….and when it happens you are shocked! (Well at least I was!!) I really like the turn it took and am looking forward to reading onto Part 3.


I’d highly suggest this series to anyone who enjoys a good mystery in modern crime. It’s a quick read since it is a novella, but it’s well written where you don’t feel like you’re losing out by it not being a full length novel. I’m VERY excited to start Part 3!!

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