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Bout of Books 2.0 – Day 7

*Sniff, Sniff* The last day of Bout of Books.  I’ve had a very enjoyable time and I hope you all have too!  If you didn’t participate in this round I hope you’ll consider it the next time. 😀 So for our final day we have:

Vivienne and Stacey hosting the challenge: Witchcraft in Popular Fiction as well as a giveaway for BD Choice internationally available!

My Reading Progress Overall:

So I finished:
Tempest Rising by Nicole Peeler
The Fear by Mark Edward Hall

I’m half way through:
Caleb by Sara McCarty

I’m hoping to finish that before 11:59 pm tonight.

So overall I read 2.5 books…hopefully 3 books by the end of this Bout of Books.  I wish that I could read faster and that I had more time to read.  I’m so jealous of people who can read so many books…my friend Christi with Smitten with reading is on her 12th book…that’s right 12 flippin books.  LOL.  You go girl!!!

Bout of Books 2.0 – Day 6

Bout of Books is almost over and I’m actually very sad about this!  Today’s fun events are:

Christi and Angel are hosting the challenge: Bout of Books Babble (haiku) and there are two prizes being given away one for a $20 Amazon GC and one for a $10 BD Choice that is available Internationally!

My Reading Progress:

I am finished with Tempest Rising by Nicole Peeler and The Fear by Mark Edward Hall and I am halfway through Caleb by Sarah McCarty.  I’m hoping to finish Caleb tonight and start Halo tonight/tomorrow.  Maybe, by a miracle, I’ll have Halo finished before Bout of Books ends tomorrow at 11:59 pm. *crossing fingers*.  I will post the review for Tempest Rising on Wednesday, the review for The Fear Monday and my review for Halo will go up Friday.  Christi with Smitten with Reading and I are doing special dual reviews for the Shadow Wranglers Series at the end of November so you won’t see those reviews until then.

I’m happy with my reading progress now.  I won’t be getting all the books read like I had planned but I’m satisfied with 4. 😀

Bout of Books 2.0 – Day 5

Another fun Day of Bout of Books. Today we have:

Jen D. and Ali hosting Match UF Sidekick to Hero at Jen D’s blog and a prize giveaway of a book from  Book Depository of your choice that is going to anyone internationally!

My Reading Progress:

I am SOOOOOOOO excited to announce that I finished Tempest Rising by Nicole Peeler!  YAY! Bout of Books, books read = 1. Whoot!  The review for the book will be going up next Wednesday due to another post that I am putting up today…didn’t want to overwhelm everyone with ANOTHER 3 post day.

I did decide to change my read for Mark Edward Hall from Servents of Darkness to The Fear.  Servents of Darkness is a book with about 18 short stories in it and I have trouble getting into short stories sometimes.  So I decided to try The Fear which I believe is a Novella and hopefully I’ll have that one read and Caleb started tonight. 😀

Hope everyone else is having better luck in their challenges…I’ve got a lot of reading to do this weekend!


Bout of Books 2.0 – Day 4

Today’s Bout of Books consists of:

Erin hosting the challenge: Guess the Cover and she’s giving away a prize to anyone in the US and International!!!!

My Reading Progress:

I’m sad to say that I’ve still got about 50 pages in Tempest Rising to read.  *Head Desk* I can’t believe it’s the start of day 4 and I’m still on book 1.  Yep, I’m failing in my challenge right now.  😦  I had a study group last night I had to attend, then a phone date that didn’t go so well, so as much as I wanted to finish it Midnight rolled around so fast and I had to wake up at 5 this morning…so yeah, finishing it wasn’t an option.  So tonight I WILL be finishing this damn book and I WILL be starting Servents of Darkness by Mark Edward Hall.  Tempest Rising will be reviewed on Friday and Servents of Darkness will be reviewed on Halloween!!!  After that I’m planning on reading Caleb so that I’m up-to-date to start my dual reviews with Christi and then we’ll see from there.

I am happy that this weekend will actually be pretty open for me.  Tomorrow I will have a couple hours during the day to read between classes then tomorrow night I have the house to myself.  House to myself = no distractions = LOTS OF READING!  Saturday we have another football game but I’m planning on only attending the tailgate and then I’m going to the City Park to read and listen to the game…that will give me 4 hours to read and that’s not including the rest of the night.  Sunday, I have no plans so I’m going to be able to read a lot more then as well.  I don’t think I’m going to get my entire list read but I am planning on trying to get more than two read!  LOL. 😛

I hope everyone else is having more luck with their personal reading challenges!!

Book Spine Poetry Challenge – Bout of Books 2.0 Day 3

The challenge for day 3 of Bout of Books is BOOK SPINE POETRY.  I wasn’t sure how this was going to go for me but after a little looking through my book shelf I was inspired to do two poems.  One is Halloween themed and the other is of course about love. 😛  So here are my two attemps at my very first Book Spine Poetry!



So there you have my two attempts at Book Spine Poetry!  Thanks to Actin’ Up with Books for this fun challenge!  Can’t wait to see what others do. 😀

Bout of Books 2.0 – Day 3

Today’s Bout of Books consists of:

Joli is hosting the challenge: Book Spine Poetry, Twitter Chat: 8-9 pm EST (7-8 pm Central, 6-7 pm Moutain and 5-6 pm PST). Don’t forget to use #boutofbooks during the chat!

Holly is hosting a Halloween Themed Giveaway for YA/Adults in the US

My Reading Progress:

Yeah, this is depressing…I was up late working on an assignment so I wasn’t able to read AT ALL last night. 😦 So I’m still on page 160, chapter 11. So today I WILL be finishing my book and starting Servents of Darkness by Mark Edward Hall.  I don’t know how long Servents of Darkness is but I might finish that tonight to. *Crosses fingers*. 😀 

Dream Cast Challenge – Bout of Books 2.0 Day 2

DforDarla’s Definite Reads is hosting todays Bout of Books challenge and it’s a fun one!  Her challenge is to pick your favorite book or series and cast at least 3 of the characters.  If I could choose a book or series right now to cast at least 3 of the characters I’d pick Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. So here’s my casting choices:

For Anna I would choose Danielle Campbell.  I saw her act in Prom and she did a fabulous job.  I think she’s very pretty but she can pull off the wholesome, wide-eyed, innocent girl.

For St. Clair I would pick Joseph Morgan. He’s from Wales so he’d have a good accent for the part and he’s cute. 😛 Plus he’s got the curly hair and I think he would be able to pull of St. Clair perfectly!

For Meredith, Anna’s first friend in Paris, I’d pick Colleen Foy.  Her looks just strike me as Meredith…the one I pictured in my head throughout the book. 😀

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