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Some Fun for the Week #25

Welcome back to the fourth, and final, week of Christmas in July!  I’ve had a lot of fun with this month of Christmas themed books, movies, and extra stuff.  😀  So enjoy this last day with a funny Chistmas song, some sexy santas and some funny content!  A good way to brighten your Monday and help you get through your week.  😀


Some Fun for the Week #8

So I am adding something new to my blog again…I think I’m going for “How many new things can Deanna add to her blog before people start getting annoyed?!” Sorry for another new thing.  It’s nothing big just consists of featuring a new guy each week that I find attractive to my Some Fun For the Week post.  So it will feature a sexy guy followed by whatever fun thing I have up my sleeve.  This week since I posted my review for The Eagle Yesterday and I keep gushing about Jamie Bell I have decided to feature him this week along with some funny Valentines Day stuff…HAPPY VALENTINES DAY…please enjoy…


Some Fun for the Week #2

With all the crazy traveling that I’m doing from last week and this week I decided to go onto a few of the sites that others have told me about that just plain crack me up and share some of them with you all!

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Some Fun for the Week #1

I tend to get a lot of fun e-mails of YouTube videos so thought I would share them with you all.  Some are funny, some are cute and others are just amazing so I picked a few that I really enjoyed… Read More

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