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Guest Posting: Swept Away with a Good Book


Ally with Swept Away Again asked me to do the first post in a new monthly feature she will be hosting at her blog.  It’s called Swept Away with a Good Book and she asked me to talk about a book, OR a Series, OR an Author that I have been Swept Away with…well, I cheated a little bit and talked about all three.  😀  I know Ally is just waiting to punish me for not following her rules.  😛

So head over to her blog to see my Guest Post and find out what Book, Series and Author (2 actually) that have Swept Me Away!  Feel free to let us know some of your own. 😀

Guest Posting on Key of Light by Nora Roberts

Thanks to Miss. Ally at Swept Away Again, she has sucked me into her Nora Roberts obession by asking me to review a trilogy with her.  I really enjoyed it and I shouldn’t doubt Ally’s suggestions in the future.  Head over to her site to check out my review for Key of Light, the first book in Nora Robert’s Key Trilogy.  Also look forward to our dual reviews Tomorrow and Friday.  We’ll be dual reviewing Key of Knowledge at her blog and then coming over here to review Key of Valour Friday. 😀

Key of Light Trilogy:
Key of Light
Key of Knowledge
Key of Valour

Guest Posting at Swept Away Again

Ally, at Swept Away Again, asked me to give her my thoughts on the Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris as well as the TV Show True Blood!  Head over to her blog to see my post and why I love the series so much…even when it can get a bit frustrating. 😀

Guest Reviewing at Yummy Men & Kickass Chicks

Click on Julie’s Button to head over and check out my review on Gena Showalter’s novel Catch a Mate. It’s a great book that I throughly enjoyed!  Julie also has an awesome giveaway for the book. 😀

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