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Question: Reader Service Book Club

Hello All,

I had thought about sharing one of Tony and I’s favorite recipes this week, but then this question has been on my mind for awhile and I’ve been wondering if any of you participate in something like this or not.  We all see those little pages in the middle of several of our store bought books that tell you to fill in your information and receive two free books and gifts. However, they say there isn’t a catch, but we know there always is.  You see, you automatically sign yourself up for their book club where they send you a certain number of books the next month with a bill.  You are normally saving money by doing this, however, I don’t think you have a say in what books are sent to you.  You can opt out at any time by sending the books back and unsubscribing, but I’ve always had some interest in trying this out.  It would get me exposed to authors I might not know about, and books that I might not have heard of…but I guess I was curious to see if any of you have joined into one of these clubs.  So here are my questions:

Have you tried a book club like this out?
Did you like it?
If not, why not?
If there are specific book clubs that you’ve joined and you loved them, which are they?

I feature Reader Service by Harlequin because this is the one that is featured in The Darkest Seduction and I’m not sure if there are others out there that are offered by a different publisher.

I hope this all makes sense to you ladies, and I’d really, really appreciate your feedback since I’m throwing the idea around for 2014…THANK YOU!!!!

Guest Review: A Long Hot Christmas by Barbara Daly

A huge thanks to Ally with Swept Away Again for participating in my Christmas in July celebration. Ally has become an amazing friend to me through blogging and twitter and I’m so happy that I stumbled upon her blog.  I know that I had seen her blog at Julie’s site and it really kicked off when she reviewed the Fever Series by KMM because I had just finished it.  After that I just kept pestering her at her blog and now we can’t stop talking.  She is an awesome lady who takes the time to talk to her friends and show how much she cares, you should really check out her blog and you can get there by clicking on her image to the left. 🙂

Now onto her awesome review…

Contemporary Romance
Barnes & Noble
224 Pages
Released January 02

Favouite Quotes:
“I got a little carried away,” he admitted.
“Tension,” she said, nodding.
“Long week. It’s only Wednesday.”
“And it’s almost Christmas.”
“We have a tendency to overdo at Christmas,” Hope said.

His box of condoms was enormous. She did some quick math calculations. If her box was sufficient for a one-night stand, then his box could handle a lengthy, flaming affair.
He must have read her thoughts. Or maybe just read the look on her face. “The big box was more economical than a small box.”

Maybelle does all their decorating.
She still hasn’t sent Hope a bill.

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Once Upon a Christmas by Holly Jacobs

Contemporary Romance
The Dusty Bookshelf
Paperback; $2.50
212 Pages
Harlequin: American Romance
Released: December 2008
American Dads Series #2



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