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Recipe: Pesto & Cheese Stuffed Chicken

Pesto Chicken

This is a fairly simple meal to make and it is packed with a lot more flavor then I was originally anticipating. You combine some pesto sauce, a couple of different types of cheeses with some chicken and you have a very delicious recipe! The original recipe can be found HERE, but you can see below for Tony and I’s version…we couldn’t get the original recipe link to work so we had to make up our own recipe based on the pictures.


Recipe: Wicked Chicken

Wicked Chicken

(Photo taken by Chandra @ The Plaid and Paisley Kitchen)

Tony and I found this Recipe through…wait for it…PINTERST!  Yes, again, we mainly find our new recipes through Pinterest thanks to my ridiculous obsession with that site!  The original recipe can be found HERE at The Plaid and Paisley Kitchen. Tony and I used this recipe, but we ended up doing it in our crock pot to save us some time.

This is a super simple recipe that has a lot of delicious flavor with a little kick (or a lot depending on your tastes).

Here is our Crock Pot Version:


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